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Modern Rings

Modern Rings

Material: Silver, probe 925


Width: ~ 3 mm

Height: ~9 mm

Big Modern ~16g

Small Modern ~ 10.7 g

Sometimes a small detail is enough to create a beautiful day or complete your look.It can be special music because you fell in love listening to it. Or a movie that you always watch with the whole family. Or coffee in your favorite cafe before starting a new day.We have created for you two little details that will perfectly complement any look and brighten your day.MODERN rings are suitable for business - classic style, as well as for a relaxed Balinese mood.We fell in love at first sight. We are sure you will adire this pair of stylish rings 🖤

  • Order Options

    You can buy Modern Rings seperately or as a Pair.
    Big Modern Ring - 1.150.000 IDR
    Small Modern Ring - 950.000 IDR

    In case of order pair of Modern Rings total price with Discount - 1.900.000 IDR

    Please add note while ordering  which size you need and we will get back to you during 24 hours.

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